Sunday, 13 March 2011


Untitled from Kevin Kelly on Vimeo.

Megaman Tribute Artbook Entry

The winners still haven't been announced due to what appears to be an indefinite delay, and plenty of other people have already uploaded their entries, so I don't see any reason to put off uploading this any longer:

Considering the results still aren't out, there IS always a chance I may have still gotten selected (no)

Panty and Stocking Fanart

This is how I squander away my free time.

Flipbook Animation

This is a short Panty and Stocking fan animation I made in 3 hours on my DS. For reference, Panty and Stocking is that show I never shut up about:

Concept Art

So I am directing my own film in college this year, which is pretty neat. And I was responsible for all the character designs too. Here's a whole wad of concept art from it:

Life Drawing

Here is some life drawing!

WARNING: Naked people (but it was too late)

Hello I am Kevin and this is my blog

I'm an animation student from Ireland and sometimes I draw things.

For those interested, rejected blog titles include:

"Stairway to Kevin"
"Kevin Deadly Sins"
"Final Fantasy Kevin"
"Kevin or Hell"
"Thank Kevin for little girls"
"Kevin's Art & Animation Blog"